Creating a Flow Workflow with SharePoint Online 365 List

SharePoint has released a new Workflow tool called, Flow, that’s available in Office 365. This Workflow tool has become a bit of a competitor to the third party Workflow tools out there, such as Nintex, K2, or AgilePoint workflows. Definitely Microsoft has improved in the space of SharePoint Workflow development with Flow Workflows as it is now shown in a more friendly image user interface in design mode with much more actions, including as Azure actions, blogger actions, Capsule CRM actions, facebook actions, Dynamics 365 actions, etc. compared to the classical common Workflow Tool, called, SharePoint Designer Workflow.





In this blog, we’ll demonstrate the steps of how to create a very simple Flow Workflow and link it to a SharePoint List.

1. First create a SharePoint List (in this case my SharePoint List name is “Flow Test List”) with 3 columns, FirstName (Single line of text), LastName (Single line of text), FullName (Single line of text).

2. Click on the Office 365 button, and go to the Flow application.

3. Then select When a new item is created action, and then enter the URL of your SharePoint site in Site Address.

4. After that select the List Name, in this case, “Flow Test List”.

5. Then add a new step called, Update Item, and then enter the URL of your SharePoint site in the site Address,

and then enter the List Name, in this case, “Flow Test List”.

And for ID, select Add dynamic content, and then select ID.

And for Title, select Add dynamic content, and then select Title.

And in FullName field, select Add dynamic content, and then select FirstName and LastName.

6. Give the Workflow a name, and then Save and Publish.

7. Go back to the SharePoint List, and click on New Item.

8. Fill in all the fields except leave FullName field blank, and then click Save.

9. And then you can see the FullName field has been populated by the Flow Workflow.

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