Steps involved in migrating Dynamic CRM 2015 to Dynamic CRM 2016

When upgrading Dynamic CRM from one environment to another, a lot of analyse has to be taken into consideration. Some challenges might be faced when planning to upgrade CRM environment. This article gives a high summary checklist of what steps to take when upgrading Dynamic CRM 2015 to Dynamic CRM 2016. First to note, there might be some improvements from CRM 2015 to CRM 2016, however there’s not much of a difference, except for of course, the navigation look and feel is much more friendly in CRM 2016.


CRM 2015 Menu and Navigation:


CRM 2016 Menu and Navigation:


Before reading the steps below, it is recommended to have a good look at Plan your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Server.

Here are the deployment steps from Migration to Dynamic CRM 2015 to Dynamic CRM 2016:

1. First inform the system administrators to take a backup or snap shots of all the servers before starting the upgrade process.


2. Take a backup of CRM database

3. Disable any scheduled jobs (such as an SSIS package scheduled job)

4. Disable CRM organisation

5. Perform windows server update

6. Restart each server after windows update

7. run the CRM 2015 to CRM 2016 executable upgrade file

8. uninstall email router, and reinstall email router

9. uninstall the reporting extensions, and then reinstall reporting extensions.

10. Update organisation (to CRM 2016).

11. Then do some good testing to see if CRM 2016 is working.


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